New Gugelhupf cakes for more variety and convenience on the buffet

The classical ring cake is a must on every cake buffet. Our delicious new Gugelhupf with their especially convenient product weight are suitable for many purposes.


With an average unit weight of 440g, our new ring cakes are much smaller than most other cakes. This middle size offers a huge range of serving suggestions:


- counter sales of whole cakes to final consumers: The size of the ring cake is ideal for small households with 2-4 persons.

- breakfast or coffee buffets in hotels: Why not offering 2 medium sized cakes instead of a big one on a buffet? A bigger choice will be appreciated by your guests, and experience shows that there are less leftovers.

- catering in senior homes:The elderly in particular appreciate to see and taste a traditional ring cake on their coffee table, and that the slices are not too big.

- sales of slices of cake in canteens or bistros: Guests can be served quickly and easily with a slice of cake. And as the mid-sized cakes are eaten up quickly, there is nearly no risk that the cake will dry out.


As with all of our products the Gugelhupf are ideal for professionals: Remove a cake from the box, thaw within 2 hours, and serve. And in the unlikely event of any leftovers... the cake remains fresh and juicy until the next day.

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Product data


Lemon cake: 435 g

Marbled cake: 455 g


8 cakes per box

Packaging units

Boxes per pallet: 48

Private Label upon request

More flavours

with nuts, red wine, plain... available upon request

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