Vegan mini muffins: New mixed box out now!

Vegans as well as flexitarians or "omnivores" have been convinced by the high quality and good taste of our vegan muffins.

Out now: Our vegan muffin mixed box vanilla / marble.



Taste, quality, appearance = a successful product concept

The tastyness of our vegan muffins is owed to the use of selected high quality ingredients. The vegan mini muffins are free from artificial flavours and are palmoil free.


It has been very important to our product development that the vegan muffins are just as good as "classical" muffins in terms of juicyness, texture and chewing characterstic.


For a better identification of these vegan products, our mini muffins are baked in special cups with "VEGAN" imprint.



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Individual design upon request


Various vegan flavours available


Crumble - Coarse Sugar - Nuts...

Various options upon request


Mixed mini muffin boxes upon request

Private Label

Customised carton sizes upon request

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