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Taste our new Soft Bagel range now!

To meet the growing demand for particularly soft bagels, we have developed a new product family:

Our new Soft Bagels convince with extra soft bite and almost melt in the mouth. Like all bagels from Bakeline, our Soft Bagels are particularly suitable for professional users because we can ensure uniform size and appearance of the products.

Ask us for your offer now and convince yourself of the special quality of our new Soft Bagel range!

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Did you know...


Upon request we can deliver sliced bagels


Huge variety of toppings available

Mixed boxes

Mixed boxes can be prepared upon request


Our bagels are vegan products

Selection from our new Soft Bagel range

Bagel SoftSoft Bagel with corn semolina, pre-sliced

Art.-Nr.: 50564
75 g362.700 g72
Soft Bagel SesameSoft Bagel Sesame, pre-sliced

Art.-Nr.: 50565
75 g362.700 g72
Soft Bagel EverythingSoft Bagel Everything

Art.-Nr.: 50639
75 g362.700 g72
Soft Bagel Malt MultigrainSoft Bagel Malt Multigrain

Art.-Nr.: 50611
75 g362.700 g72
Soft Bagel VitalitySoft Bagel Vitality

Art.-Nr.: 50638
75 g362.700 g72

Please contact us for more information