Bakeline Bagels:
Perfect shape, huge range of varieties, suitable for vegans !

Searching for new sandwich recipes? Have a look at our suggestions for vegans, vegetarians and "omnivores"...

Serving suggestions

Our bagels are outstanding in taste and quality. A huge product variety offers many possibilities to enlarge your portfolio. They are suitable for vegan nutrition and respond to highest quality standards:

Free from emulsifiers

Free from stabilizers

Free from additives

Free from preservatives

Free from anti staling agents

Free from palmoil



As a matter of course, our bagels are perfectly adapted to the needs of  professional users: Simply thaw and serve.

Bagel brochure

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Are you looking for something special?

We will meet your wishes!

1. Weight

Between 40 and 130 g

2. Shape

Traditional ring shape or

without whole 

Variable sizes

3. Dough

Savoury doughs, sweet doughs, low-carb ...

4. Decoration

Poppy seeds, sesame, sunflower seeds, herbs, rock salt, onions, garlic...

What else are you looking for?

5. Packaging

Bulk packaging

Private Label

Mixed boxes upon request

Customised carton sizes upon request

6. Convenience

Sliced / not sliced

Our bagels are suitable for vegans !

Selection from our bagel range

Bagel SesamSesame Bagel

Art.-Nr.: 50600
75 g 36 2.700 g 72
Bagel NaturPlain Bagel

Art.-Nr.: 50601
75 g 36 2.700 g 72
Bagel MohnBagel with Poppyseeds

Art.-Nr.: 50603
75 g 36 2.700 g 72
Bagel MalzmehrkornBagel Multigrain Malt

Art.-Nr.: 50611
75 g 36 2.700 g 72
Bagel EverythingBagel Everything

Art.-Nr.: 50615
75 g 36 2.700 g 72
Bagel MehrkornBagel XXL Multigrain
Art.-Nr.: 50607
120 g 30 3.600 g 64
Bagel SesamSesame Bagel XXL
Art.-Nr.: 50608
120 g 30 3.600 g 64

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