Delicious variety - our muffins leave nothing to be desired

Our muffins fullfil highest demands in terms of quality, appearance and taste. Our wide product range varies from mini to XXL sizes , we use traditional muffin recipes as well as trendy, seasonal or event-related recipes. 

High quality ingredients make up for the delicious taste of our muffins: We use barn eggs in our muffins and buy the raw materials from trusted suppliers.  

Did you know?
We also have delicious muffin recipes with spelt flour!

Muffin brochure

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Are you looking for something special?
We will meet your wishes!

1. Weight

Between 11 and 140 g

2. Cup

Standard , Lotus or Tulip Cups

Individual design upon request

3. Batter

Various flavours available

2-batters-in-1 can be combined

4. Filling


Various backing-stable creams

Depending on size: 1/3/5-point fillings upon request

5. Glaze

Various flavours

6. Decorations

Crumble - Fruits - Nuts - Chunks - Chocolate blossoms...

What else are you looking for?

7. Packaging

Bulk - Tray - Private Label- Mixed boxes or customised carton sizes upon request

Selection from our muffin range

Muffin SchokoMuffin with chocolate filling
decorated with chocolate drops
white standard cup
Art.-Nr.: 50000
85 g 36 3.060 g 96
Muffin BlueberryMuffin Blueberry

Art.-Nr.: 50001
75 g 36 2.700 g 96
Muffin BratapfelMuffin with baked apple
decorated with crumble
Art.-Nr.: 50012
75 g 36 2.700 g 96
Muffin ZitroneMuffin Lemon
decorated with coarse sugar
Art.-Nr.: 50003
75 g 36 2.700 g 96
Mini Muffin MixMini-Muffin Mix, 2 variations
Chocolate drops, Lemon
Art.-Nr.: 50103
19 g 2 x 63 2.390 g 90
Mini Muffin MixMini-Muffin Mix, 3 variations
Double Chocolate,Vanilla,Lemon
Art.-Nr.: 50111
19 g 3 x 40 2.280 g 90
Muffin Double ChocolateMuffin Double Chocolate XL

Art.-Nr.: 50205
100 g 48 4.800 g 72
Cheesecake Mandarin MuffinCheesecake filled Mandarin Muffin
Lotus cup
Art.-Nr.: 50113
45 g 60 2.700 g 72
Coconut Double Choc MuffinCoconut filled Double Choc Muffin
Lotus cup
Art.-Nr.: 50114
45 g 60 2.700 g 72

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